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ADRIAN CHRISTIAN: Tour Reboot, New EP, New Outlook… and Suddenly He’s Everywhere

Adrian Christian's "A Song For You" EP has gained international interest.

Photo: Gothiah Records and Pictures

“I’ve been just doing my best to be myself, and it’s not always immediately welcomed, but then people catch on to it later."


It had been precisely one year since Adrian Christian took a much needed hiatus from touring, to focus on his family and to mourn the losses he experienced back in 2017.

What a difference a year makes. With the release of his first EP, “A Song For You” on Gothiah Records, Adrian has made somewhat of a turnaround. He would consider it more of a “redefining” of himself than a return. The music in the new 5-Track EP can be heard everywhere, and is supported by the second leg of The Mission Tour, which kicked off earlier this year near his home in North Hollywood, with a preview that took place in Las Vegas back in March.

When the third leg completes in 2019, Adrian will have done about 50 dates in support of this EP across the country. Surprisingly, the tour is ending outside of America, with a big show in Cúcuta, Colombia.

If you ask Adrian, becoming an international sensation was not a thought when recording the EP.

“I received a phone call, literally, from a radio programmer in Colombia,” Christian says, from his home in Los Angeles while on a brief break between cities. “I can tell you that one day, no one heard of me over there, and the next day, I was on the airwaves in constant rotation.”

He was discovered by the radio programmer online, who expressed genuine enthusiasm, and aired Adrian’s music on UFPS Radio 95.2 FM the following morning.

The station is alternative radio that plays pop and Latin music in both English and Spanish. The resulting airplay has prompted the station to name Adrian Christian their new artist.

Here in America, Adrian recently spoke with Scott Fullerton of the “Left Of Str8 Show” on Blog Talk Radio about his career emergence and how he got started in show business.

Adrian is currently on tour supporting his new EP, A Song For You

Fullerton, who praised the recording (“The entire EP is fantastic,” he says), asked Adrian about his missed opportunity to enter the High School Of Performing Arts in New York, and what his early days singing in New York nightclubs as a young, openly gay teenager was like.

“The only other person next to me was a drag queen!” he told Scott on the air.

“Boys like me, nobody was doing that. Nobody was doing an act in a nightclub, and this guy singer is gay. That just didn’t exist, so I felt like a fish out of water. Like, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing.’ I guess I had it in my head that I was doing a fantasy. That it was like a Las Vegas act.. like Cher, as a boy!”

He refers to the fact that he was hired as an eighteen year old, when in fact, he was only fifteen when he sang in nightclubs.

“I was a little weird like that, but now, people get it,” he said. “I think my life has been interesting. I’ve been just doing my best to be myself, and it’s not always immediately welcomed, but then people catch on to it later.”

On the men he’s dated:

“When I was 18, 19 and 20 years old, the men that approached me who were gay, were still married to women. I mean, this is what the time was. So when we talk to young people about their freedoms and rights and the right to marry, and all the things that are happening today, it’s really important that we impart this information to them so that they know that people actually were killed or died for these rights we’re having right now.”

He spoke of his early days as an actor, crediting actor-director John Turturro for his first break. He also spoke about his faith.

On his choice to make the EP inspirational:

“I really do believe in God… I do believe that we are loved and that we are created just as we are, and that we are part of God’s beauty and God’s creation. People see what I’m doing and that I love God. I think that’s a really valuable thing to put out there in the world.”

Recording the A Song For You EP was a chance for Adrian to honor the passing of his late uncle, whom he dedicates the recording to in the CD’s liner notes.

When asked by Fullerton about his personal losses, with three members of his family passing away during a five-week period, Adrian opened up about how his faith got him through to complete the recording, and his message to his audience.

“I’m telling people to wipe all that aside and remember why we’re here. Not all the stuff we’re constantly hearing on the airwaves from the news channels that are just bringing on fear. We cannot live like that.

“People are going through a lot of painful things right now.. I felt the weight of what the world was going through, and then these people passing in my life made it personal.”

The entire interview with Adrian Christian on Scott Fullerton’s Left Of Str8 Show can be heard right here below. [Click on the arrow]


Scott Fullerton’s Left Of Str8 Show can be heard by logging on to Blog Talk Radio: or

The complete show with Scott Fullerton and Adrian Christian is here.

Adrian Christian’s “A Song For You” EP is available now.



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