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Four New Music Videos On The Horizon


Clockwise, from Top Left: From the set of the "Somewhere Amidst It All" music video, where singer Dr. Stephan Scoggins prepares, overseen by director Adrian Christian; on break with a crew member during shooting "A Song For You"; a scene from the newly released "Midnight Will Be Clear" starring Rick Sudi Karatas.


It is said when it rains it pours, and that couldn't be truer for the year Adrian Christian has had so far. In 2019, he's had back to back videos in production all while traveling across the country completing a 50-city tour to promote his current EP.

Since the release of his first short film, "All Consuming Fire," offers came in, with the first one from singer Dr. Stephan Scoggins, to direct his first music video for "Somewhere Amidst It All."

"It's fortunate to be in this position, because I love the creative process and I love Stephan's music," Christian said, sitting at his studio in Los Angeles. "I'm just glad we finally got to do it."

Christian and Scoggins worked on the concept of the script for several years. The goal for Christian was to showcase his broad appeal across genres.

Dr. Stephan Scoggins at Founders Metropolitan Community Church in Los Angeles.


Of the experience making the music video, Dr. Scoggins had words of equal praise for Adrian. He took to social media to express his delight:

"What a FRIENDsational experience. Adrian, you made this hard To ALL of the people who came to support me, words can't express my true appreciation."

The video comes complete with a cast of supporters, including members from Dr. Scoggins' background chorus. Singer Reece Jackson-Whitaker also went on Facebook to express her gratitude, saying working with Christian was "just as awesome as meeting with Steven Spielberg. It's history."

She also took note that the experience served as a reminder to "remember your loved ones, support their gifts, and nurture their hearts and minds with good vibes."


Dr. Stephan Scoggins (right) with the cast and crew of "Somewhere Amidst It All."


Coming very soon to your screen, here are new music videos to look out for:

Midnight Will Be Clear

Rick Sudi Karatas

With its strumming country guitar and back beat, this new Christmas song is destined to become a new classic. Actor and singer-songwriter Rick Sudi Karatas gives hope to people who have survived recovery, living for the "first one in a long time." The song is catchy as hell; the new video is sure to warm the heart. Adrian Christian appears in the video in the chorus and as a friend of the survivor.

RELEASE DATE: October 14, 2019

See the video by clicking here.

A Song For You

Adrian Christian

From the church and back into the nightclub - this new music video from Adrian Christian promises to bring a new dimension of Adrian for fans and casual admirers alike. Singing the title track to his acclaimed EP, the song is at the center of a story that brings some surprises as well as a supporting cast of friends that stop by. Shot in 4K HD, the result is quite stunning. There are three (yes, three!) versions coming out. Retro, yet current.


February 22, 2023

Somewhere Amidst It All

Dr. Stephan Scoggins

The pop and gospel-soul artist is front and center in this tour-de-force showcase about overcoming oppression. It is part inspiration, part drive to move forward in these troubled times. Filmed by the production team that created A Song For You, it also brings Spirit out into the world, with a special nod to Dr. Scoggins' mother, the late gospel great Shirlie Scoggins Sullivan.




Adrian Christian

As one of the 8 songs penned by Christian for his upcoming debut album, he shows diversity by harkening back to his New York roots on this R&B/Club offering. The song is more a declaration than it is a statement, and the video promises to further bring his music to the kids. You won't be able to not dance.





Photo Credits:

1. Reece Jackson-Whitaker

2. Gothiah Records

3. Mabul Marulanda Montoya

4. Don Mueller

5. Adrian Christian

Used with permission.

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