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12 Reasons For Cher's Induction Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

The times I’ve called on the Rock Hall for her nomination, they foolishly asked why. So without further ado, here are my top twelve answers.

by Adrian Christian

Cher, circa 1964

 1. Cher Is Rock History

Big Mama Thornton, Little Richard, B.B. King, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Motown. And somewhere in there, that hippie love couple duo who emerged during that period, Sonny and Cher, belongs. They were on the bill with the best of them, and sold out the Hollywood Bowl. They were a THING in 1960’s Folk-Rock Pop music. Just listen to “The Beat Goes On.”

2.  Cher was an integral part of “The Wall Of Sound”

With Phil Spector and Darlene Love at Gold Star Studios, she was there. Cher contributed backup vocals for The Ronettes, for Spector’s Christmas album, and for The Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling.”

3. Cher was a staple of The Wrecking Crew’s recordings in the 60’s and 70’s

"I Got You Babe," "The Beat Goes On," "All I Really Want To Do," the original movie version of "Alfie," "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves," "Half-Breed," and "Dark Lady" were all backed by Wrecking Crew.

4. Cher’s post-Sonny recordings were with a Who’s Who of Rock music

She worked with Jimmy Webb, did a torch album before Carly Simon, and briefly, she went on the road with Greg Allman.

At the time, Cher's musical versatility challenged her credibility as a serious rock artist. In fact, at times she was seen as a sellout for being a multiple hyphenate and recording Disco. However, so were Rod Stewart and The Rolling Stones. Today, having multiple careers in music, film and television is the norm for many musicians.

5. Cher's destiny was sealed when she formed her own rock band

The New Wave group Black Rose debuted as an opening act for Hall and Oates in 1980. Cher did not appear on the album cover; she was only credited for vocals inside the record sleeve. The music was balls-to-the-wall rock and roll at a time when the only female rockers heard on the radio were Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar and Joan Jett. And she didn't stop there. She appeared on Gene Simmons' solo lp, recorded a duet with Meatloaf and wrote a song for Elton John. It was the beginning of what was to follow for Cher.

6. Cher’s 80’s rock comeback

Upon winning an Academy Award for Best Actress for the film, Moonstruck, she was at the same time on every magazine cover and all over the radio airwaves with her Top 10 comeback, “I Found Someone.” Her eponymous album spawned three more singles and her songs went on heavy rotation on MTV. She followed that with another signature song, “If I Could Turn Back Time” from her Top Ten rock album, “Heart Of Stone,” accompanied by a big stadium tour. Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Bolton, Guy Roche and Diane Warren contributed.

7. Cher released the artistic gem, “It’s A Man’s World” in the 1990’s

The collection was a stark contrast to her prior catalog, expanding her versatility as an artist and song stylist.

8.  Cher single-handedly brought autotune into modern music

Proving when Cher records dance music, she can still rock a club track. A pioneering melody-driven song delivered with a rock sensibility that no one saw coming, 1998's “Believe” changed music by incorporating new technology used today, transcending all genres.

9. Cher is a global concert attraction

Her tours are the biggest selling of its time. She launched big tours even after announcing her farewell. There is no stopping her. Audiences keep coming for more.

10. Cher was synonymous with Las Vegas before residencies were a thing

From the time she and partner-husband Sonny Bono opened for Pat Boone, their act spawned the launch of her television variety show featuring many music acts of the day. Cher was the hybrid between The Carol Burnett Show and Saturday Night Live. She modernized the variety format and then brought her act back to Vegas. In her later incarnation, Cher made the Vegas concert residency a cool thing.

11. Cher made the most rocking Christmas album

Steering away from every cliché, she enlisted an all-star lineup that included Stevie Wonder, Tyga, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Bublé, and she reunited with Darlene Love. The results were kick-ass top notch.

12. She doesn’t need acknowledgment from the rock and roll establishment. Cher’s record speaks for itself.

- AC

Vote for Cher every day to induct her into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame:


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